Wakayama is located in the southwestern part of the "Kiihanto"(紀伊半島) in Japan. It is also known as "Kansai", like Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, or Hyogo. For me, Wakayama is very suitable for single deep travel. In addition to the famous World Heritage Mount Koya, the oldest open-air hot spring Shirahama, and the Kumano Shrine, you can see the Japanese streets, enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the city, and the fascinating by the charming fishing village.


When it comes to food, the Wakayama Ramen soup mixed with tonkatsu and soy sauce is awesome and non-greasy. If you eat with the local cuisine なれずし(kind of fermented fish sushi), that would be more incredible delicious. The seafood dishes of snapper and anchovy are the main focus of each restaurant's kaiseki. The taste and freshness are definitely to your surprise. In addition, the skewers grilled with Wakayama-made Bincho charcol (備長炭) are the best appetizers to enjoy with beer. For a souvenir, the famous products include the famous oranges and persimmons, moreover, "Kishu plum" and "lacquerware" must be one of the most luxurious and decent gifts for Japanese people who visit here.

Overall, if you are planning a trip to Wakayama, how should you prepare your luggage?
First, of course, you must first know the weather in Wakayama to pack your clothes more accurately.


Wakayama's weather is similar to the maritime climate of Vancouver, Canada, but relatively dry. According to the official weather forecast in Japan, except for the highest average temperature that may exceed 30 degrees during the July and August summer vacations, Wakayama is still comfortable in other seasons. The coldest temperature in January and February is above zero, so it is rarely snow. However, if you plan to go to mountains such as Takano and Kumano, you may need to add clothing according to your personal needs.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

I came to Wakayama in early January. The wearing is basically a thin and thick thermal underwear (Heattech), a sweater, and the outer layer is a large coat. Sweaters and thick coats can be removed at any time. Not only are they more comfortable when being indoors, but the wearing in the photos is also more variable. 

How much does it cost to travel to Wakayama? Is Wakayama's price level (accommodation) high?

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak
(Above: the capsule hotel where I stayed at Wakayama last night)

I think that Wakayama's food prices are slightly cheaper than Osaka and Kyoto, but the gap is not very obvious. In shopping, because of the many choices and fierce competition in the Osaka area, it is basically easier to find cheaper and more affordable products. In terms of accommodation, because the options for hostels or homestays are mainly concentrated in the urban area, and also there are more business-oriented hotels, the price is higher. The cheapest hostels around urban areas are approximately 2,000 ~ 3,000 yen, and the average hotel with a double bed is about 4,500 ~ 5,500 yen. Deducting the hotel and car rental costs for a four-day trip, I think 25,000 yen is enough.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

The hotel where I stayed for two nights is the chain resort group name Kyukamura (休暇村), branch located in Kishu Kada. Kyukamura has locations in many of Japan's secrets spots, such as Nyuto hot springs in Akita Prefecture, Shonai-Haguro in Yamagata Prefecture, and Nikko-Yumoto in Tochigi Prefecture. I choose Kyukamura is because my schedule in Wakayama this time mainly travels in the "Kada" area, and it has an excellent location. Living here for one person is about 14,000 yen, with breakfast and dinner. Even though the price is a bit high, but the price ratio is fine, which will be further described below.

After preparing your luggage and arranged accommodation. How to get to Wakayama?

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

Although Wakayama has its own Shirahama Airport, it is located in the southwestern part of the prefecture. It is still a short distance from Wakayama City, and there are fewer flights. Therefore, in addition to the destination is travelers to Shirahama, it is more common to choose Kansai International Airport and transfer to Wakayama City. To get Wakayama form the airport is mainly to take the Rimujin Bus(リムジンバス) and Nankai Train(南海電車). If you don't plan to visit Wakayama on the first day, the mode of transportation from Osaka city center will be similar. Please follow the form below.


There are two points to note:
1. If you are taking the green "Nankai Airport Line" (Airport Line Express train to Nankai Namba) or the dark blue "Nankai Express" (Nankai Express Rapid Rapid β 52 to Nankai Namba) from the airport, remember to transfer in "佐野泉" station. If you are on the blue" Kansai Airport Line "(Kansai Airport Line express train to Kyobashi Osaka), you will have to transfer at"日根野" station. Change to Nankai Line(南海本線), Nankai Limited Express(南海特急), or Hanwa Line(阪和線).
2. Passengers departing from Osaka can get on at Namba(難波), Shin-Imamiya(新今宮) or Tenge Chaya(天下茶屋) station. If you are not taking a direct train from Nankai Express, remember to transfer at the above station.

After arriving at Wakayama, how should we arrange the trip to Wakayama?

Day1: Arrive in Japan.
Battlefield Historical Tour, Get to Wakayama and Check-in


The first day of the itinerary should not be too tight. I entered the Kansai International Airport at about 11 am, then took JR to Wakayama. After arriving at Wakayama and check-in at Kyukamura, I walk to the nearby Fort No. 1 fortress and follow the itinerary provided by the hotel for about an hour.


If you choose the same location as my accommodation, or other hotels also in the Kada region. You need to take the "Nankai-Kada Line(南海加太線)" from Wakayama Station to the last station for a total of eight stops. Therefore, it is recommended to take the Nankai Line to "Wakayama City" when traveling from Kansai Airport. If you choose the 阪和線, you will also arrive at "Wakayama" Station, but you need to take a bus or rail to Wakayama. city. After arriving at Kada Station, there is a shuttle bus to Kyukamura. If you are not living in Kyukamura, there are also taxis with irregular schedules in front of Kada Station that will pick up passengers when the tram arrives.

Day2: One day trip in Kada by walk
Walk around Kada, and experience the wakayama-like Japanese style


The whole course of the journey is from Kada Station, along the 加太観光協会 (Kada sightseeing Association, the former Kada Police Station (中村邸), Changhang Temple(中村邸), Zhuangzhi Store(庄治商店), Kada Beach(加太北ノ浜公園), Kada Kasuga Shrine(加太春日神社), Shunda yomugi mochi shop(先田よむぎ餅店), Former Maruji Soy Sauce(旧丸治醤油), Manko store(満幸商店), Awaji Shrine(淡嶋神社), Red lighthouse(赤灯台), and back to Kada Station.


The integral journey takes a total of about 4.5km and 1hour. However, I recommended going to Yutomo Island(友ヶ島) on the same day after finishing or before the trip in Kada.

Day3: Journey along the railway
Madetai Train + Surrounding Spots & Ebisu (十日戎)


The most famous thing in Wakayama City must be the Madetai train! There have three kinds of colors, which are water blue(kai), pink(Sachi), and red(nana). They are not only having a different color on their appearance, but also the variety of inside design. 


I suggest that you can carry small bread and snacks, as there are fewer places to sell food along the railway. But you can enjoy the stalls in the night market when you go to the shrine to watch the festival in the evening! Of course, if you visit Wakayama when there is no festival, I also arrange another snack and a ramen shop to share with you!

Day 4: Popular Attractions in Wakayama 
Wakayama Castle & Mt.Koya (Kongobuji Temple Daimon, Kongobuji Temple, Okunoin Temple, Lantern Hall)


When it comes to Wakayama City, the most famous is "Wakayama Castle", one of the top 100 famous cities. When it comes to the whole Wakayama Prefecture, it is probably the World Heritage Koyasan. You can go back to the city center on your own schedule and enjoy dinner in the shopping street near Wakayama Station.


Because Koyasan is about an hour's drive from the city and the distance between the attractions is not very close. If you have experience driving in Japan, it is strongly recommended that driving by yourself! There are many temples and temples on Koyasan. It is recommended to stay at least 3 ~ 4 hours. In addition to the round trip time, it is recommended to plan a round trip for more than 6 hours + transportation time will be safer (if you have to rush back to Kansai Airport)


I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of Wakayama, and finally let me recommend this hotel「紀州加太休暇村」!


The location of 紀州加太休暇村 is close to 和歌山灣, and the scenery is first-class. It can be said that it is one of the best in the entire Kada. Because it is located on the mountain, the transportation is not very convenient. However, there is a free shuttle bus available from Kada Station every hour (by reservation). If there is no way to take it within time, take a taxi for around 1,000 ~ 1,200 yen, 6 ~ 8 minutes.


The schedule of the shuttle bus from Kada Station to 休暇村 is as follows: 9:00, 9:50, 10:20, 10:50, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:55, 15:55 , 16:55, 17:55. These times are matched with railway schedules, so in principle, the waiting time will not be too long.


I stayed in a basic twin room this time. 休暇村 also has Japanese and Western-style options. The space in the room is large, the single beds are King Size, the walkway between the beds is still spacious, and the distance from the end of the bed to the TV wall can be placed one more bed. There is no need to worry about taking up walking space when opening the suitcase. In addition, the room is also thoughtfully attached with an air purifier. 

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

The focus of the 紀州加太休暇村 is on the scenery. There are a set of tables and chairs next to the window so that people can enjoy the scenery of the entire bay by the floor-to-ceiling window.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

The TV is next to the bathroom, so it is not centered. If you sleep on the other side of the window, the angle of watching TV will be slightly off


For the bathroom, the bathtub is right next to the window. In addition to wet and dry separation, there is a bathing area similar to a 共浴場. You can sit and wash your body before enjoying Kada Hot Spring. At the same time, even though Wakayama does not snow in winter, it still brovided non-cold waterproof leather seat.


Among them, I am very interested in its flushing equipment. Not only can you turn on the "water temperature measurement" flow, wait for the temperature to be moderate, and then turn on the water poured from the top or the water from the shower head. If you need to do laundry, some floor have also a laundry room.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

There are also illuminated ceiling lights above the desk, but the tables and chairs are too short for long hours working. So, when you come to 休暇村, just relax!

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

There are also a lot of small things in the room. The "種なし梅" can often be seen in restaurants is provided in the room. This is the first time I have come to Wakayama to eat the real Kishu plum


The bathrobe in the drawer displays various Sizes directly in it, you can directly choose your own size, and you don't need to change it at the hall or corridor if that not fit you. Among them, what makes me feel thoughtful is the "telescope" on the table near the window, accompanied by a small map introducing the scenic location.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

I has not used a telescope for about 10 years.


After introducing the room, leaving the lobby to start the day trip, I found the window view of the lobby is even more fascinating


After finishing the day trip, it's time to have dinner! Dinner is available from 5:30 to 7:30. You can decide the time when you check-in.


Meals used the ingredient in Wakayama, there are large parts of local seafood, such as snapper sashimi, braised sake bream and so on. If you live here for less than a week, the daily dinner meals will not be the same. In addition to the individual set, there are also food and drink bars that you can enjoy freely.

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

I particularly like this Kumano Wagyu with sukiyaki sauce. The half-cooked beef is slightly bloody. Kumano Wagyu has completely locked all the sweetness in my mouth, it was very delicious even without the sauce!

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

After eating, go back to the room and have a good rest. The light next to the crib makes the night longer.


The next day breakfast also has a set meal for each person, but because there are too many pickles, I mainly tasted other food at the bar. Among them, I like the rice balls most. In addition to Japanese food, there is also a lot of Western-style bacon and eggs!

【Japan | Wakayama】Guild to Wak

There are many hot springs in Wakayama. In addition to the famous Shirahama Hot Springs, Kada Hot Springs are also loved by travelers. Shirahama hot springs are bicarbonate and chloride springs. Because of the sea, the spring water has a bitter and salty taste. But the hot springs in Kada have less dissolved substances, the springs are transparent, odorless, and quite mild, which is helpful for improving neuralgia, muscle aches, and skin diseases. 


Hot springs in 休暇村 are divided into indoor and outdoor. The open-air hot spring is mixed sea, sky, and hot spring altogether. You don't want to leave when you are soaking ...



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