If miss is a train
Then I'm the unprepared leveling

Swim through a gentle and peaceful shrine
Drive into the park of pink cherry blossoms
Stop at the beach and look at the footprints

Looking out the window
Wakayama still sunny


There are many special trans in Japan, and they always make me amazing. The 「Medetai Train」I experience this time in Wakayama is even more eye-catching! Meanwhile, along the drive from Wakayama to Kada, each station has its own unique attractions, and in line with the corresponding prayers of the station design, I really have to admire the creativity and depth of Japanese tourism marketing.

Let's introduce to you this fantastic "Jiqing Snapper Train"!

This article will be presented in the following process, you can choose the part you are interested in reading

  1. Brief introduction of Medetai Train
  2. Timetable and Route of Medetai Train
  3. Ocean-like freedom, water blue plus 加太電車かい
  4. Girl heart bursting, pink 加太電車さち
  5. Crystal of love, red 加太電車なな
  6. Attractions along the 南海加太線

1.Brief introduction of Medetai Train


The original Japanese text of the Medetai Train is "い電車", where "" means congratulations. Also, the snapper, specialty of 加太, in Japanese is "". Therefore, the combination of fate and congratulations is more related to local characteristics.

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

There are three trams, namely the blue (Kai), the pink (Sachi), and the red なな  (Nana). They are a family! and are in a marriage relationship, and the red is the brainchild of their brains. Hence no matter which one we are on, it’s full of love and happiness. If you look closely, Their marriage certificate can be found on the train too!

2.Timetable and Route of Medetai Train

Not all trams to and from Wakayama and Kada are 加太吉慶鯛魚電車, so how can we get a chance to catch them? Generally speaking, if you want to take a tram with different colors, you can only achieve it in several months. For example, the red runs in January, April, July, and October.  Aqua blue runs in February, May, August, and November.  And finally 3, 6, 9, and 12 are pink.


The picture above shows the regular departure times on weekends and national holidays. There are only seven departures a day. I recommend that you plan your travel itinerary in advance. It is more likely that you will meet the Medetai Train! However, there is still a chance to catch three trains in one day if special events or festivals held. As I visit, this time should be due to the "十日戎" in關西地區, so it took only one day to experience three trains! For the detailed timetable of each month, please refer to the official website of 南海電車加太線


As for the part of the route, there are actually 9 stops from Wakayama to Kada, and the journey time is about 23 minutes from beginning to end. However, there are seven stations belonging to the official overall tourism plan, from 東松江站 to end station 加太.


The total length of this line is about 12 kilometers. The farthest distance is from Wakayama Station to Kada Station. The fare is the same as the general Nanhai Electric Railway, 330 yen. I would like to remind everyone here that "Wakayama City Station" is not the same as "Wakayama Station". If you are going to and from Osaka, you basically get off at Wakayama City Station.

3.Ocean-like freedom, water blue plus 加太電車かい


Next, first, introduce Ryan's favorite water blue かい. The water blue exterior of the whole car has a harbour town atmosphere. Driving on the railway, crossing the streets and lanes, as we are leisure snappers.


The interior of the water-blue Medetai Trainかい adopts a uniform water-blue tone design, and various elements of marine life are scattered in each corner of the carriage, making people feel like they are in the sea world.


From the moment I came in, I found that there are many interactive painted stickers on the ground. You can surf, snorkel, and play fishing games common in Japanese festivals in one second. I do n’t know why I always act like 10 years younger when meeting the graphic arts.

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

When the tram door was closed, Ryan found the fish on the door! When at the stand, these little fish will swim into the mouth of the big fish, so cute


In addition, surprises are everywhere. There are many jellyfish on the window, but sometimes aliens disguised as jellyfish can be found (top left). There are groups of fish swimming on the roof as if they are moving along with the train (top right). In the seat, it is even more easy to find a lot of marine life. In addition to snapper, there are also much other seafoods (bottom left). Wooden handles are also made into fish, crab, and turtle shapes!

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

Observe carefully, the glass on the door is the pattern of the diver, standing on the platform, and taking pictures in the lane as if the passengers are diving. But I think, if you want to take photos like the official website, you must ask a person to stand the outside of tram, or is there any way to take a photo alone?

4.Girl heart bursting, pink 加太電車さち


I have to say that this pink tram is so beautiful. Although I am a big boy, I still can't help but admire it. When it drove into the station, it really felt unreal. And no matter young people, middle-age men or even elders, it seemed that as long as it was the first time they saw it, they would pick up the phone and camera and start taking pics wildly.

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

The pink Medetai Train is filled with red and white, and full of the girl's heart. Just after stepping on the train, you can feel the gentleness and delicateness of Japan and Wakayama. As the train moves forward, the light and shadow coming in from the window add a whole more A lot of elegance.


The same inspiration is everywhere, from the beginning of the door, there are several small fish following the car (upper left). The window and seats also have the logo of the Medetai Train (upper right & lower left). Wooden warm hands are made into the shape of a fish, and when the train is moving, it looks like schools of fish are swimming.

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

In addition, there are many displays on the train, like the two Medetai Train "marriage certificate" mentioned above are found on this pink train

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

By the way, there will be a heart shape caring handle in every two carriages. It is said that as long as you have the opportunity to hold it from beginning to end, you can have love achievements!

5.Crystal of love, red 加太電車なな


The last one is red. Although the color of the appearance is more common. If you don't find the big eyes at the front and rear of the train, it looks less prominent than the ordinary one, but the interior and the meaning are the most inspiring ones!


The "喜氣車廂" interior is very festive and bright yellow. Maybe because I heard that it is the baby of two trains, I feel that this color is especially childish and young.


On the details, the door has a pattern of fate knots. When the doors are closed, there is a binding concept (top left). The snapper tumbler next to the seat is also one of the fate, it is cute with a serious facial expression and small fins(top right). There are big fish eating small fish on the window, as the train moves forward, it seems that the fish is running away in front of the statue (bottom left). The curtain with small fish on the roof is a flower rope wrapped in Japanese gifts. Think of it and make it into a colorful fish ornament.

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

Also made into the shape of a marine life pull ring, there is a fortune poem printed on the back of the ring handle of the train!

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

You can also see the fortune on the floor of the carriage. Passengers can pick a favorite line from the front of the car and walk towards the bottom of the car, and they can find that their luck today (this year) is three fish, two, one, or even only fish bones.

6.Attractions along the 南海加太線

After introducing each train of 吉慶鯛魚, now let's share with you some recommended spots along the 南海加太 line now!


Each of the seven stations on the South 南海加太 Line has its own characteristics. The reason is related to the background of nearby attractions. You can choose with your own interests or wishes. Like Ryan this time I visited the first five stops, which are 加太、磯ノ浦、二里ヶ浜、西ノ庄、八幡前

Half-day trip in Kada

【Japan|Wakayama】Medetai Train

加太 Station is planned as a love station because of the Adan Shrine. From this station, you can take a half-day travel route and take a slow walk in the Pacific region on foot. Detailed routes can refer to this article:【日本|和歌山】舊街與漁港的慢活小鎮 - 深度加太 (Kada) 步行一日行程!充滿娃娃的淡嶋神社、滿出來的吻仔魚洞飯、道地的傳統味道逢餅

藝事上達 - 磯ノ浦駅


Isaura Beach is the closest surfing area to Osaka, and it is the premier surfing destination in Kansai. Therefore, passengers who pray for advanced skills or are engaged in the performing arts industry can choose to come to this station. From Isouraura Station, you can walk to the beach in about 5 minutes. Although there are almost no crowds in winter, this Japanese beach makes me unforgettable and lingers on the beach. This beach is only open from July to August. During these two months of each year, there is always a crowd of people coming here to pay tribute to youth!

安產祈願 - 二里ヶ浜


Archer Hachiman Shrine is a shrine dedicated to Emperor God, Emperor Takeshi, and Empress Dowager. It is a shrine that prays for family safety and women's safety. Although the park is quiet, in fact, this shrine is not only the center of local people's faith but also closely related to the entire history of Wakayama City. There are many documents recorded. At the same time, it is also the birthplace of the Japanese-style wagashi "Cut-Cake"!

無病息災 - 西ノ庄駅


This station is designed to be "ill-free" because of the Kimoto Hachimangu Shrine, but because the shrine is far from the station, I chose to walk to Hexi Park. Hexi Park is a riverside buffer area. In addition to some rides and perfect trails, I also see many Japanese families picnicking here. It is really a happy picture

.緣結 - 八幡前駅


It is said that the ironmaking industry in the area of ​​Hachimanzai has flourished in the past, hence the relationship between people is very close. After getting off at the station, walk around 5 minutes to find a takoyaki specialty shop. The order of takoyaki in 16 dishes is only 800 yen, which is not only cheap. The four flavors range from sea salt, shallots, original flavor to mayonnaise. Although the taste is ordinary, the flavor continues to spread in the mouth. I personally think that it is better than any takoyaki restaurant I have eaten now.


Is everyone eager to take the Medetai Train to Wakayama city? There is a small reminder here. Although the Medetai Train is a sightseeing train, there are also many local residents. If you don't want to affect other passengers, it is recommended that you get on the bus at 「加太站」,  because the train will stay in Kada station for about 5 ~ 8 minutes. If there are no passengers boarding during this period, you can take pictures with pleasure!



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